Wood Burning Stove Cleaning

Coral Springs, FL Wood Burning Stove Cleaning

Letting grease sit on the stove and oven racks will eventually make it impossible to clean. Pro Kitchen Cleaning is here to help you prevent these problems by removing unwanted grease from your wood burning stove.

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Your Trusted Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Service in Coral Springs, FL

We understand that cleaning a wood burning stove means more than just getting rid of surface dirt. At Pro Kitchen Cleaning, we will tackle all grease and bacteria. Get the cleaning done without stress with our FL cleaning services.


Wood burning stove maintenance

Wood burning stoves should be cleaned at least once a week to avoid risks of fire. Our maintenance services are all about keeping your employees and customers safe. With our service, you can be sure that risks of fire and health hazards are minimized.

Cleaning wood burning stove involves

  • Emptying the wood fire stove.
  • Cleaning of the oven racks.
  • Checking for any signs of cracks, damage, or rust.
  • Make sure the glass door is spotless.
  • Cleaning the exterior of the stove.

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Wood stove pipe cleaning

Leaveing the stove pipe unclean can cause a serious fire that may result in loss of property or life. To avoid such tragedies, it is important to remove the residue and buildup inside the stove pipe. Schedule a routine cleaning with professional stove cleaners.

When you see these signs that tell your wood stove chimney needs cleaning, call us!


  • Your kitchen workplace smells like a campfire.
  • It is taking more time for the fire to get going.
  • There is evidence of pests inside the pipe.
  • Smoke fills up the room even with the flue open.
  • Creosote is present in the stove pipe.

If you are seeing these signs, schedule a cleaning immediately. Leave the cleaning of your wood burning stove pipe to Pro Kitchen Cleaning.


We are your trusted local kitchen cleaning company serving Coral Springs, FL and the nearby communities. We serve restaurant owners like you who prioritize the safety and health of all above everything else. We take pride in keeping kitchen appliances disinfected and safe to use. 


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Choose Pro Kitchen Cleaning To Keep Your Wood Burning Stove Clean

Keeping wood burning stove glass clean is what we do best. 


  • We will ensure thorough cleaning of your wood fire stove.
  • We will help create a healthier kitchen environment for you and your staff.
  • We will make your appliances clean and safe for your employees and customers.
  • We will truly disinfect your wood fire stove of all viruses and bacteria.


We are a local business and our crew consists of reliable and professional local cleaners who adhere to the highest cleaning standards at all times, so you can be sure to receive a consistent and reliable service.


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With our kitchen cleaning service, you will have a clean and safe-to-use wood fire stove. Pro Kitchen Cleaning’s service  works to your specific needs to attain your satisfaction.


What makes us unique and the best kitchen cleaning company for your needs?


  • We believe in providing unmatched kitchen cleaning at an affordable price. 
  • We strive to keep our local customers happy.
  • We offer respectful and excellent cleaning services.
  • We perform only the safest possible cleaning solutions.
  • We aim to give convenient services that will complement your schedule.
  • We will send professional, experienced, and well-trained technicians and cleaners your way.


Let reliable and professional stove cleaners take care of your cleaning requirements so you can operate in your commercial kitchen without hassle or stress. Call Pro Kitchen Cleaning today to learn the full range of our wood burning stove cleaning service.


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