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Miami, FL Wood Burning Stove Cleaning


  • Keeping your wood burning stove clean is an extremely important part in keeping you, your staff, and your customers safe. Pro Kitchen Cleaning is based in Miami, FL, providing wood burning stove cleaning services to give you peace of mind by removing any hazards that could cause accidental fires.

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We will guide you from start to finish, discussing what is included in our services and what you will get, then performing the best wood burning stove cleaning strategies. The wood burning stove cleaning we provide ensures:

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  • A safer establishment for all.
  • Valuable wood burning stove cleaning solutions.
  • Identification of any deficiencies in the stove.

We want to help maximize the efficiency and performance of the equipment, and to acheive this, our restaurant cleaning services aim to help people identify potential long-term issues with their stove.


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Pro Kitchen Cleaning Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Services

The routine of our kitchen cleaners is to plan the best kitchen cleaning approach. After that, we analyze any potential issues before performing a top-notch clean. With that in mind, you can rest assured you are working with the best.

Your wood burning stove needs regular maintenance, and for this, Pro Kitchen Cleaning is providing the best services with our dedicated technicians and expert cleaners. Hire our cleaning services and get:

  • Fast and comprehensive wood burning stove cleaning.
  • Use of recommended and safest kitchen cleaning products.
  • Proven kitchen cleaning strategies.
  • A team of qualified and professional restaurant cleaning crew.


Our Miami, FL wood burning stove cleaning involves:


Inspection of the wood burning stove. Pro Kitchen Cleaning is backed by restaurant sanitizing experts. Before they start taking out parts for cleaning, they will first check for possible hazards, examining the stove from the inside out, such as loose screws or broken parts.


Gathering dust from the wood burning stove pan and firebox. Cleaning the bed of ashes is necessary to make the stove immaculate while helping to avoid accidental fires. The priority of our expert cleaners is to clean the entire stove and bring it to like-new quality.


Use of highly recommended and eco-friendly kitchen cleaning supplies. Prior to any cleaning, planning is extremely important in order to avoid damage or scratches. That is why we ensure to use the best cleaning products and tools. At Pro Kitchen Cleaning, we adhere to the right stove and kitchen cleaning practices. Our cleaning supplies will deliver spotless results that are safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

Cleaning the exterior surface of the wood burning stove.

The external surface of the stove might seem easy to clean, but it must be handled carefully. Using the wrong brush or cleaning supplies can damage the stove. With Pro Kitchen Cleaning you will have the assurance that we use the right cleaning tools.


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First of all, safety!


Safety is the very first thing our local kitchen cleaners think about. Protecting everyone involved in the cleaning process is important to us and so, we adhere strictly to local regulations in terms of qualifications and equipment use.



For cleaning the wood burning stove, Pro Kitchen Cleaning makes sure to use the following:

  • Protective gears including safety eyewear, gloves, and overalls if needed.
  • Covering ofthe furniture, appliances, and other equipment.
  • Heavy-duty vacuum and quality bucket with a shovel for clearing ashand dirt.
  • Food, kid, and pet-safe cleaning supplies.

When performing wood burning stove maintenance, our team utilizes:


  • Heavy-duty equipment for cleaning the flooring.
  • Stiff-bristled brush for scrubbing thick and large particles.
  • Medium-grade steel wool for smoothening surfaces with bubbles or bumps.
  • Paint and stain blocker for restoring them


A Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Company That Offers Quality Results


Still on the fence on why you should work with Pro Kitchen Cleaning? Here’s why you should choose our  Miami, FL cleaning services:


  • We are a trusted restaurant cleaning company.
  • Our technicians and expert cleaners are passionate and skilled to do the work.
  • Our services are designed to make the stove or kitchen equipment immaculate.
  • As a local restaurant cleaning company, we will be at your place cleaning the wood burning stove on time and with the right tools.

How To Hire Our Miami, FL Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Services?


Contact Pro Kitchen Cleaning now. Talk with one of our cleaning experts and ask about our wood burning stove cleaning price. Or schedule an appointment.


What we want to learn from you in return are some basic details including:


  • Your location in Miami, Florida.
  • The state of the wood burning stove.
  • The last time the stove was maintained or deep cleaned.


Once we have settled the terms and conditions, you can proceed to schedule an appointment with us.


Pro Kitchen Cleaning has a team that is hands-on and has clear goals. We aim to reach the results our clients need and deserve. If you are interested in working with our restaurant sanitizing experts, please call us today.


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