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Unlike other restaurant cleaning companies that promise to provide complete kitchen cleaning but only concentrate on the kitchen hood and exhaust. Pro Kitchen Cleaning through our cleaning experts and technicians will reach every corner of your kitchen. 


Our top priority is to help customers have a clean kitchen where they can prepare and cook meals. Aside from our kitchen cleaning services, our restaurant cleaning experts will include inspection to check whether the kitchen equipment needs tuning.

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Why Is It Important To Hire Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services?

With all the buzz that happens inside a commercial kitchen, it is crucial to maintain all the kitchen equipment at its best. Although sometimes forgotten, cleaning the equipment you use every day should be the top priority.

What Health Inspectors Typically Look For During Restaurant Inspection?

When it comes to sanitation, inspectors are looking for potential food hazards both during the storage of ingredients and cooking preparation. In their checklist, they likely include:


Food preparation.

Are employees following protocols when it comes to preventing contamination? 


Cleaning or sanitation.

Are the surfaces of the kitchen being frequently cleaned? Is the kitchen equipment and utensils kept in working order and thoroughly washed?


Employee Hygiene.

Do employees follow important hygiene practices such as keeping fingernails clean and wearing uniforms?


Pest control.

Are there any holes where pests could enter and infiltrate the kitchen? Are there signs of rodents or cockroaches living in the cupboards?

Facility setup.

Is hot water available and are the faucets and sinks at an adequate height? Are there sanitizers and soaps available to use?



Is the establishment properly planned according to hazard and critical points? Are the employees qualified to handle food preparation and cleaning? 

The facility needs to pass all these categories in order to continue running your restaurant business. As a restaurant cleaning company, we have the essential manpower, skills, and equipment that will help ensure your restaurant will pass the inspection.

Violations And Safety Risks Of Not Cleaning The Restaurant

Failing to keep your commercial kitchen clean and safe for both the customers and employees has legal consequences. Below, you’ll see why it’s so important to hire a reputable company for restaurant cleaning services.


Did you know that restaurants in Coral Springs, FL can be shut down by emergency order when inspectors find they commit sanitary violations including:


  • Flying insects on trash bins
  • Improper handling and storage of silverware
  • Nasty food storage
  • Cross-contamination
  • Improper use and storage of cleaning supplies
  • Grease build-up that runs the risk of flash fires


The good news is that you can steer clear of costly penalties, or being temporarily closed. Pro Kitchen Cleaning prides itself on performing excellent quality restaurant cleaning services using the best kitchen cleaning supplies and technologies. 

Restaurant Cleaning Services
kitchen hood clean.

Here’s what Pro Kitchen Cleaning will do for you:


  • Remove grease and food debris from the kitchen hood and exhaust system.
  • Use the best kitchen cleaning supplies and tools to disinfect the countertops, sinks, ceilings, walls, and floors.
  • Clean the vents and empty the grease traps.
  • Wipe clean the kitchen equipment, including the ovens and range hoods.
  • Empty trash bins that are attractive to pests.
  • Replace hood filters when necessary.


If you are unsure about our kitchen cleaning services in Coral Springs, FL, ask our experts and specialists. Call or send us a message today!


Your Coral Springs Restaurant Cleaning Service


A disgusting kitchen that is grease-laden is dangerous for the chefs, cooks, and other employees. Unfortunately, workplace injuries occur as a result of the staff trying to do the cleaning themselves. 


A heavily used and not-maintained  kitchen is difficult to clean, but it is something Pro Kitchen Cleaning can do. The job of cleaning a filthy kitchen requires professional restaurant cleaning services. Our crew will carry out the cleaning of the restaurant for you!


Pro Kitchen Cleaning is your number one stop for restaurant cleaning services. Learn more about our cleaning experts and the kitchen cleaning we do in and around Coral Springs, FL.


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