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Do not let grease sit on your equipment for too long! You need a  commercial equipment cleaning company to remove propellant and thick, hardened food debris!


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Before you start serving some delicious delicacies, ensure that your food is safe. With our dedicated kitchen cleaners, you no longer have to worry about serving people contaminated meals. 


We are the kitchen cleaning company in Coral Springs, FL you deserve. We will give you an estimate and a full detail of our restaurant cleaning process including kitchen equipment cleaning.

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How Important Is It To Clean Your Kitchen Equipment?

With all the buzz that happens inside a commercial kitchen, it is crucial to maintain all the kitchen equipment at its best. Although sometimes forgotten, cleaning the equipment you use every day should be the top priority.

The kitchen equipment cleaning we handle includes:

  • Cooking equipment
  • Vents and filters
  • Coffee Machines

  • Refrigerators and freezers



Under the counter

Bar refrigerator

Display refrigerator

Deep freezer

  • Storage equipment



  • Electric and gas ranges

Wall mount range hoods

Island hood range

Under the cabinet range hood

  • Food processors

Continuous food processor

  • Mixers

Hand mixer

Countertop mixer

  • Ovens and microwaves

Pizza oven

Convection oven

Conveyor oven

A major issue that no chef or cook would want to run into is finding the kitchen equipment filled with grease and grime. Filthy equipment poses numerous problems like slowing down productivity.


Soon you can enjoy preparing and cooking in your kitchen once more. Partner with our cleaning crew. We think you will enjoy our spotless kitchen equipment cleaning service!

What Our Expert Cleaners And Professional Technicians Will Do.

If you want to save time and get the most out of your budget, we are the professional kitchen cleaning team that will make that a reality. Some things you can expect from our team:

  • Wipe your kitchen equipment using the right kitchen cleaning supplies and cleaning solutions.
  • Remove all the spills, stains, and food crumbs.
  • Sanitize the cooktops.
  • Deep clean the smaller appliances such as microwaves and coffee machines
  • Polish all the kitchen equipment and leave no smuggle or fingerprint behind.
Kitchen Equipment Cleaning in Florida

Professional Kitchen Equipment Cleaning in Coral Springs, FL.

We engage with only skilled and knowledgeable kitchen cleaners and technicians. This is how we guarantee professionalism and the highest standard of restaurant cleaning services. Plus, we utilize the best technology that will not only clean your kitchen equipment but also safeguard the item from getting scratched.


Pro Kitchen Cleaning offers the very best in restaurant equipment cleaning in and around Coral Springs, FL. Our kitchen equipment cleaning  services will allow you to concentrate on other things.


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