Hood Cleaning Service

Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Coral Springs, FL.


Restaurant range hoods expel bad odor and hot air from the kitchen, however, their primary purpose is to safely suck out the byproducts of cooking such as vaporized grease.

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Pro Kitchen Cleaning is here to clean all types of kitchen hoods!


  • Under the cabinet range hoods
  • Range hoods that are mounted on the wall
  • Downdraft or behind the cooktop range hood
  • Ductless or ducted kitchen hoods
  • Recirculating range hoods


The first step to ensuring your ventilation system is working at its full potential is to order regular cleaning. Hire the best kitchen hood filter company based in Coral Springs, FL. Contact our office today! Our customer support will talk with you about our available hood cleaning service.

Range Hood vs. Kitchen Exhaust System

One of the questions we often get about our restaurant kitchen cleaning is the difference between cleaning a range hood and cleaning a commercial exhaust system. Essentially, a range hood and kitchen exhaust system have the same purpose -to filter out any fumes and airborne grease. And when assembled together they make up an entire ventilation system. 


Some people think that the range hood and exhaust system are the same things. But, they are two different types of kitchen equipment. A range hood is the piece of equipment that is installed directly above the stove, while the exhaust system includes the ductwork, inline fan, main fan, canopy, and panels that go from the kitchen to the roof.


Maybe your kitchen range hood needs a deep cleaning. If you want to learn more about Pro Kitchen Cleaning and our restaurant cleaning hood cleaning service, please give us a call.

Hood Cleaning Techniques That Works Best

Pro Kitchen Cleaning is an expert when cleaning the kitchen range hood. Our kitchen cleaning crew has cleaned essentially all types of kitchen equipment, especially range hoods.


When cleaning the interior and exterior of a commercial kitchen hood and exhaust system, our skilled technicians and personnel follow specific steps including:


  • Inspect and carefully detach the range hood components.
  • Prepare the kitchen cleaning supplies needed to make the kitchen hood immaculate.
  • Hand scar the interior, as well as the fans using a soft bristle brush and a non-abrasive scrub pad.
  • Dry the insides of the fan and remove any soapy residue left.
  • Use a degreasing mixture and warm water to eliminate food debris and grease.
  • Reinstall the filters and grease traps once everything is clean and dry.


This breakdown is a sneak peek at what is involved in our kitchen cleaning solutions. Drop us an email or contact our number to learn more about our kitchen cleaning hood service.

Hood Cleaning Service Near Me – Become One Of Our Customers Today!

As a hood cleaning service in Coral Springs, FL, we understand that restaurant employees have their own busy routines and that it is nearly impossible to keep up on maintaining a clean kitchen. Unlike the kitchen countertops and appliances, the grease inside the range hood is not as easy to clean. 


There are many cleaning activities involved to ensure a restaurant range hood is free of stains and food particle buildup. Rather than accepting an unsatisfactory service from other kitchen cleaning companies nearby, talk to a professional hood cleaning service nearby, such as us!


Our kitchen cleaning crew consists of cleaning experts and skilled technicians. Stop stressing over grease, let our professional hood cleaning service take care of it.


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