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Your exhaust hood system is keeping the air quality in your kitchen fresh all the time. So this piece of kitchen equipment deserves the best when it comes to cleaning hood service! 


  • Remove airborne particles caught by the exhaust.
  • Wash the grease-laden insides and small parts.
  • Wipeout buildup that poses risks like starting a fire and poisoning.
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Pro Kitchen Cleaning could be the cleaning hood service in Coral Springs, FL you are looking for. Get to know more about the kitchen cleaning solutions we offer, specifically our kitchen and exhaust cleaning services by contacting us.

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Exhaust Cleaning Hood Service in Coral Springs, FL.

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems help keep proper ventilation in the room. They catch and filter smoke, grease, and other particles that could potentially cause physical injuries, health issues, and fire risks. 

Pro Kitchen Cleaning handles a wide range of kitchen hood and exhaust systems – from washing the exhaust fans to the vents.

Cleaning hood service & exhaust cleaning will depend on the amount of grease and dirt buildup in the duct system. Since restaurants are often always preparing and cooking food, a significant amount of byproducts like food debris, fumes and oil are expected. Typically, cleaning the entire kitchen hood and exhaust takes up to 4 or 5 hours.

What we offer:

  • Cleaning is often done at night or at the most convenient time for our clients.
  • Documentation of the exhaust system before and after cleaning.
  • Provide notes and recommendations about any deficiencies in the system that will affect its ability to function well.
  • Using the best kitchen cleaning supplies will enhance the performance of our employees and experts when cleaning the fans and vents.

When it comes to removing grease deposits, our kitchen cleaning experts follow these methods:

  • Hand scraping

Our team of expert cleaning hood service technicians will scrape the dirt on your exhaust system. We will clean the ductwork from entry to exit points not leaving any spot untouched. A detailed cleaning will be conducted to all the ducts and ventilation systems. Careful cleaning of fans, filters, and other small parts will be done too.

  • Steam cleaning

Although this method is more expensive, it is guaranteed to eliminate all the sticky and oily debris from the exhaust system. Compared to hand scraping, pressure washing using hot water is more thorough and knocks off the debris faster.


Get rid of the stains off of your commercial exhaust system. Dial our number and let’s discuss the cleaning hood service & exhaust cleaning solutions you need to make the quality of the air in your kitchen fresh again.

Time To Start Cleaning!

All restaurant exhaust systems must undergo inspection and maintenance without a doubt. But how often should you order a kitchen exhaust system & cleaning hood service?


Here is what we recommend:

  • Heavy use of the exhaust system 

Once every three months: around 11 to 15 hours of cleaning.

  • The moderate use of the exhaust and vents

Once every six months for at least 5 to 11 hours of painstaking cleaning.

  • Light use of the commercial exhaust

Once every twelve months and should be for at least 3 to 7 hours deep cleaning.


If you still have questions about the methods that kitchen cleaning companies in Coral Springs, FL. often follow, feel free to give us a call. One of Pro Kitchen Cleanings specialists will be more than happy to give you details or answer your inquiries.


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