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Is your kitchen a workhorse that-more often than not looks like a war zone? If you are using the kitchen around the clock, it is absolutely normal for some major damage and filthiness to happen.


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Pro Kitchen Cleaning

offers kitchen cleaning services in Coral Springs, FL.

Kitchen cleaning can be done in both commercial spaces and residential settings. Our professional kitchen hood cleaners and expert kitchen equipment personnel can solve most kitchen cleaning problems. 

We offer various commercial kitchen cleaning services from floor cleaning, and grease traps to professional kitchen exhaust cleaning services. Let’s have a chat about the service you need.


Habits That Makes The Kitchens Dirty

Remember that one of the most important factors customers consider when choosing a place to eat is sanitation. But since the kitchen is where all the meal preparation and cooking happens, it is natural that it will have dirty surfaces. Several unpleasant habits cause the kitchen to become filthy and filled with grime. Because it is our goal to provide our clients in Coral Springs, FL. the best customer care, here are some of the nastiest habits you should be mindful about.


Letting dishes sit in the sink for too long

This should go without saying, but you will attract pests like roaches and bugs if you let dishes sit in the sink for long periods of time. Kitchen managers and culinary professionals understand that procrastinating on washing dirty plates and putting away rotting food until it is absolutely necessary is not worth the health risks and safety violations.


Not wiping streaks of sauce off the floors and walls

It is completely natural for restaurant employees to always be in the groove and busy. Because of the fast pace inside the kitchen, spills, and damages often occur. Tomato sauce everywhere!

Spills should be cleaned up right away.; leaving them splattered on the floors and walls for extended lengths of time is dangerous for a few reasons. First, they can grow bacteria and cause food poisoning. Secondly, they are a tripping hazard. Lastly, the spoiled odor could attract pests.

Ignoring sticky equipment and utensils

Dirty utensils reflect the way the restaurant is run. An unclean facility, including the equipment and utensils, leads customers to question the safety of the food. They may start questioning the cleanliness of the restaurant overall – both in the areas they see and cannot.

The bottom line is, as a business owner or manager, you must make the cleanliness of the kitchen the top of your priorities. Working with a professional commercial kitchen cleaning company is the best investment you could make.

From removing hardened stains to eliminating grease on the roof, Pro Kitchen Cleaning will make the task easier for you. Our restaurant cleaning solutions are sure to clear all the years of nasty grease and grime from your kitchen. 

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Pro Kitchen Cleaning Will Put You First!

Kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning is best left to the top-rated commercial kitchen cleaning companies in Coral Springs, FL.


The kitchen is the space that customers do not see. But that does not mean that businesses can slack off on keeping their food and kitchen clean. Pro Kitchen Cleaning offers cleaning services that will eradicate messes and germs.

Hire a professional Coral Springs, FL. commercial kitchen cleaning company

When we are asked this question, our initial response is simple: so you can achieve your stated objectives!


Great restaurant managers, chefs, administrators, and other personnel do not always make a good kitchen cleaning crew or expert hood cleaners. The restaurant cleaning checklist is different from a recipe, staff scheduling, and food inventory. 


You need professional services that can effectively execute the commercial kitchen cleaning process and ensure that your kitchen is safe, clean, and ready to deliver the most mouth-watering dishes to the customers.

Our kitchen cleaning solutions include:

Restaurant hood cleaning

The kitchen range hood is designed to enhance the air quality in a restaurant; especially the kitchen where all of the food preparation happens. Its job is to expel the odors and common pollutants. A dirty range hood will not be able to remove the potentially toxic gasses and pollutants.

Kitchen equipment cleaning

Chefs and kitchen staff rely on their equipment to provide delectable dishes. But in order for the kitchen equipment to be in tip-top condition, regular cleaning must be done.

Washing and sanitizing equipment are what Pro Kitchen Cleaning does. We can get rid of the baked-on grease and dirt build-up in grouted areas. Clean kitchen equipment functions more efficiently and extends its life. It is a worthy investment you should take.

Grease containment service

Grease containment is a system installed to the exhaust and has the primary role of preventing grease from spilling all over the roof. However, many grease containment systems only have a grease box that catches both grease and water and over time will overflow. There are ways to safely and effectively contain the grease, and our expert technicians would be happy to discuss them with you!

Commercial exhaust cleaning

The exhaust hood system consists of the exhaust fan, filter, range hood, and ductwork. Each of these parts needs to be carefully removed and cleaned. Our certified, professional exhaust cleaning team will provide complete exhaust and hood cleaning. We pay particular attention to the exhaust system because a clean exhaust can prevent accidental fire and dangerous particulates from getting trapped inside the kitchen.

Cleaning a restaurant kitchen

From handles, switches, to appliances, and commercial exhaust systems, almost all areas in a restaurant kitchen are covered with grease and dirt. Therefore, the kitchen as a whole needs to be cleaned and maintained in order to operate the way it is meant to. 

Hiring a team that is highly trained has many benefits. Our cleaning services serve as preventive maintenance that will make expensive spending for repairs and replacements unnecessary. 

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